May 22, 2020
Mexican_tortiIla (All reviews)
Hey guys I'm writing another review here. So listen, I watched this and I was like wow I'm so surprised on how garbage this is. Like it is not shit but it is still shit. If that makes sense. This show tries its very best to make you cry and you know what they did a horrible job at doing so. Like really, you expect me to give a shit about a child who's about to die

I'm not going to lie, when I watched this, for some reason I was able to enjoy this, but I went back to watch it again and wow. It sucks. Like really. Wow I get it its sad, well fuck you, the ending made me laugh so fucking much you cannot believe it.

Also the ending is really bad, like what, what is that. Go ahead and enjoy this and watch Clannad while you're at it pussy. They're all the same, all of it, it dies at the end wow what a big surprise didn't see that coming.

It doesn't count if I spoil another anime ending does it? I don't care.

Honestly the main character looks so punchable, I mean look at him, you can't tell me that you would not like to punch him. Screw that guy.

Now if you made it this far, congratulations, you are stupid and actually took your time to read this.

I did not like this show